Changes coming to the Windows Secrets newsletter


In the Oct. 1 issue, I noted that Windows Secrets subscribers will see changes in the newsletter. Here’s what we’re working on.

If all goes as planned, starting in mid-/late November, we’ll publish the newsletter twice a week, which will let us publish trending and time-sensitive stories sooner.

The format of the newsletter will also change, bringing it up to modern standards.Instead of full stories in a long email, you’ll see a portion of each of the articles most recently published on the website, along with links back to the full versions on the Windows Secrets site. The newsletter will also include links to interesting stories in our sister site, SuperSite for Windows.

I’m sure some readers will miss having the full newsletter in their mailbox each week, but this is the first phase in a longer-term plan for Window Secrets. (For those who like to print out the newsletter, there’s some good news: we’re planning to make it easier to print the online stories.)

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