Free subscribers: watch for an invite next week

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

I announced last month that all newsletter subscribers would be invited into a new, totally free service that we’ve been quietly developing on the Windows Secrets site.

Paid subscribers received advance invites on Dec. 2, and in just a few days it’ll be the free subscribers’ turn to splash around in the resource pool.

Every subscriber to the free version of Windows Secrets will receive an invitation via e-mail on a random date between Dec. 14 and 16. Our notifications will go out in a gradual series, so we don’t overload the place with all 400,000 of us at once. The message will include a link as your free ticket into the service.

Be assured that the message isn’t a phishing hoax. The e-mail will bear your reader number at the top. This is a “shared secret” that no spammer could know.

I won’t repeat here all of the goodies that you’ll enjoy access to. For details, simply visit my Nov. 26 column.

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