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Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

This week in Windows Secrets, our editor-at-large finally gets back to work.

Many of you know that Fred Langa, after nine years of writing the LangaList e-mail newsletter by himself, and then merging with Windows Secrets and writing our lead story for almost a year after that, escaped to the wilderness on a five-month motorcycle journey through the width of the U.S. and back across Canada.

His quest, and the technical support he provided to four lucky Windows Secrets readers who were chosen to receive in-person Housecalls, were documented in an eight-week series of columns we published in our paid content Sept. 27 through Nov. 15.

Fred langa Now Fred (photo, left) is putting his famed Windows knowledge to good use in a new series of articles that we’ll publish twice a month. He’s devoting his LangaList Plus column to answering questions from you, our readers. Whether it’s a simple question on something we’ve published, or a difficult technical problem that’s come up with Windows, Fred will part the veil and reveal the inner workings of the operating system to you.

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