Introduction: We’re all here because we have hope (in technology)

Lisa Schmeiser

One of the biggest tech events of the year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), takes place in the beginning of January. As an attendee, I’ve always thought there was a certain pleasing symbolism to the scheduling: It happens on the cusp of the western new year, right as casinos are gearing up to celebrate the lunar new year at the end of the month. And as with new year celebrations, CES is all about embracing the possibilities of the very near future.

It’s easy to make fun of the more ridiculous tech offerings at CES — I’m still marveling at the hairbrush that makes product recommendations — but a deeper point remains: We tend to turn to technology to make our very near future — and our present — better. As I was looking at gadgets that turn your Windows 8.1 laptop into a touchscreen device and admiring small handheld scanners, I was also thinking about this newsletter and how it embodies the idea of helping readers improve their lives by improving the experience they have using the tools in their lives.

As we move into 2017, Richard Hay and I will be sticking to Windows Secrets’ core mission: to give you the tools to make your technology use better, both now and in the future. It’s only appropriate that this first newsletter for 2017 begin with Fred Langa’s feature “Start 2017 right with a clean Windows PC.” It’s an auspicious beginning to the year.

(Now, if I can figure out how to get an editor’s headshot up there, it’ll be an even better year …)

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