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Windows Secrets’ mission has always been to serve the needs of its readers. But as computing has evolved from simple desktop PCs to today’s multiple-platform, highly mobile, online-centric digital feast, those needs have changed, too.

To keep Windows Secrets relevant, we watch the shifting directions of technology, read the weekly comments sent in by readers, and actually use (our friends and families might say “play with”) the technology we write about.

But another important tool for ensuring the newsletter stays true to its readers is our annual Windows Secrets readership survey. It’s an opportunity for the entire WS community to tell us what they like and dislike about the newsletter — and what essential information they need for better computing.

We know your time is valuable, so we always keep these surveys short. The more responses we get, the better we can serve you.

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No Windows Secrets newsletter next week

We typically do not publish the newsletter on any fifth Thursday of the month. So you’ll not see Window Secrets in your inbox on May 30. However, next Wednesday we’ll publish a second May Patch Watch directly to the Windows Secrets site. Paid subscribers will find the full story in the Newsletter Archives/Patch Watch section (along with an updated master Patch Watch chart).

Helping the Oklahoma tornado victims

Windows Secrets’ paid subscribers know that a portion of their contributions goes to helping children in need around the world. However, during the last quarter of 2012, we sent our charitable donations to the victims of Superstorm Sandy via the Red Cross.

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