Jump-starting your new Windows 8 installation

Whether you’re upgrading to Windows 8 or acquired it with a new PC, Microsoft’s new OS presents lots of new challenges for Windows users.

And it’s not just the new, touch-centric interface: there is a host of changes that even seasoned Windows users need to learn and adapt to.

Well before Windows 8 launched last fall, the Windows Secrets newsletter delved into what’s new, what’s similar to previous versions of Windows, and what you need to know before purchasing a new Windows 8 system. One thing’s plain: moving to the next Windows hasn’t gotten any easier.

Windows 8 Guide, Volume 1 To give Windows Secrets readers a solid jump-start on setting up and using Windows 8, we dug into the archives and put together a concise and comprehensive Windows Secrets e-book, The Windows 8 Guide, Volume 1: Getting started with Windows 8.

Windows 8 is so different, we think this new guide will be helpful to novice and expert Windows users. The e-book begins with a discussion of the important differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT. Making the wrong choice could be a costly decision.

Next, the Windows 8 Guide steps you through your first hour with the new operating system and then goes on to recommend the first, simple steps for configuring Windows 8.

In the second chapter, we tell you how to customize your new Win8 system and what’s new in its File Explorer.

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