New admins and mods join us in revealing secrets

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

We’ve added some valuable members lately to our work group as well as the WS Lounge, and I want you to know who they are.

I know that staffing up will lead to changes that are hard to predict, but I’m confident that the differences will be for the better.

Joe kwon Joseph Kwon (right), known to one and all as Joe, is Windows Secrets’ new technology manager. In this capacity, he’s now responsible for the motley collection of hardware and software we use to bring you our weekly articles and the constantly updated threads in the Lounge. Good luck, Joe!

He moved to Seattle from Los Angeles last month to join our crew up north. Joe worked in southern California for three client-based agencies, DNA Studio, Team One Advertising and Siegel+Gale. At those firms, he helped strategize Web sites for the likes of The College Board, Lexus, Sony Playstation, and Qatar Telecom (a leading telco in the Persian Gulf).

Joe joins our existing development team, which includes Tony Johnston and Damian Wadley. Tony recently completed a major project: developing sitemaps that succeeded in getting more than 60,000 Lounge pages into the Google search engine. Google &#8212 as we learned the hard way — is a bit touchy about adding 125,000 new pages to its index all at once (as I wrote in my April 1 column).

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