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Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

The Support Alert Newsletter merges today with the Windows Secrets Newsletter, creating an e-mail publication with a combined circulation of more than 400,000.

For you, the best part is that all the great tips, reviews, and news items from the old Support Alert are now posted in one place at — and we’ve worked hard to make our entire library of content easy for you to browse and search.

Ian “Gizmo” Richards has licensed to Windows Secrets all of the articles that ever appeared in the 159 issues of the Support Alert Newsletter that he published. All of these articles — free and paid — are now part of the library of content.

You can take advantage of our new information in three ways:

1. Find reviews of the best free software
2. Browse all past issues of the Support Alert Newsletter
3. Search for articles on any topic in our entire library

Find reviews of the best free software

The old Support Alert focused on reviews of free Windows software. This is a new focus of Windows Secrets, too. So we’ve added a “software sidebar” to our Web pages to help you find top products of every type. We’ve organized the most recent reviews into more than 100 categories.

Software sidebar The sidebar shown at right is an example. If clicked, it leads to the actual sidebar on the Windows Secrets home page.

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