News update responds to threat of Web worm

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

We’re publishing a special news update today to bring you a bulletin on a serious weakness in Windows.

Susan Bradley, our contributing editor who covers Microsoft patches, has written an up-to-the-minute description of the latest situation, which potentially affects every recent version of Windows.

I also might publish a special newsletter on Oct. 30. Windows Secrets wouldn’t ordinarily post new content on that date, because we usually skip any 5th Thursday of the month. In the coming days, however, there may be enough detail about the latest flavor of Internet threats to warrant a special report.

News updates like the one today have no paid content. The same version is e-mailed to all subscribers, first to our paying supporters and then to our free subscribers.

Susan and I believe that the threat is serious enough for every Windows user to install the new MS patch without hesitation. This is the first time in 1½ years that Microsoft has released an emergency fix outside of its monthly Patch Tuesday cycle. See Susan’s article for specific download links. We’ll bring you more information as soon as we have it. Stay tuned.

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