Next issue Sept. 6 — take a break!

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

Like a lot of people, we need a week or two off in the summer to recharge our batteries and then come back to work rejuvenated.

That’s why our next newsletter won’t appear until Sept. 6. If any important developments occur that can’t wait, we’ll send you a brief “news update” to let you know.

Fred Langa returns on Sept. 27

Fred langa in motorcycle helmet Our editor-at-large, Fred Langa (in helmet at left) takes his vacations the hard way. He’s spent the entire summer riding his motorcycle around the U.S. and Canada, visiting Windows Secrets readers who won a personal Housecall from the Great One. I announced the contest in the Apr. 19 newsletter, and listed the winners on June 7.

Fred has finished his visits now and is busily writing a series of columns about the problems our readers had and what the solutions were. In addition, he learned many lessons in his travels that didn’t necessarily involve cleaning up a PC. (Like what it takes to ride a cycle more than 6,000 miles.)

Fred’s new series of columns will start in our Sept. 27 newsletter. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer! (In the southern hemisphere, have a great winter instead.)

Brian Livingston is editorial director of and the co-author of Windows Vista Secrets and 10 other books.

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