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Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

We’ve added special links to help you use Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and other social-bookmarking sites to point to your favorite articles.

If you’re not yet using bookmarking sites, today would be a great day to start taking advantage of the wealth of content they bring together.

Bookmarking sites let you link to your favorites

Digg story A social-bookmarking site lets users save links to articles on the Web. Many such services show the most-popular articles at the top of the listings.

We got a first-hand example of how this works when our Sept. 13, 2007, article, “Microsoft updates Windows without users’ consent,” rose to the No. 5 spot on the home page of, arguably the Web’s biggest bookmarking site. As of Sept. 26, our story (with 2,847 diggs) and a follow-up at ZDNet were still rated No. 2 and No. 1 among all stories about Microsoft published in the previous 30 days (image, left).

And that was before we’d even added links to Digg and other bookmarking sites to our top stories.

This week, associate editor Scott Dunn has an even bigger story — the fact that Microsoft’s silent update is actually preventing some Windows users from getting the latest security patches. Let’s all use Digg today to help others find this article on the Web, shall we? Scroll to the links

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