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Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

Beginning this week, all articles appearing in Windows Secrets have their own threads in the WS Lounge, where you can submit any additional information you have.

You’re not restricted to commenting on columns, though — we have a whole lotta other forums where you can post anything you discover about Microsoft Windows.

Commenting has tripled in the discussion board

Last month, I e-mailed all 400,000 WS subscribers an announcement that the Lounge was open as a place to post helpful Windows tips.

I explained that the discussion board had been started in 1995 by Woody Leonhard (who’s now a WS senior editor). Unfortunately, the resource — originally known as Woody’s Lounge — was underutilized.

Posts of new information in the discussion board declined by more than half from 2003 to 2009. This drop in Lounge activity occurred despite the fact that Internet usage almost tripled, according to figures from Internet World Stats.

Worst of all, the Lounge was hosted on one underpowered server after another, each with the bad habit of going down for hours or days at a time. Over the years, the Lounge was configured to block search engines and minimize traffic. This made the board’s 700,000 posts — many of them extremely valuable — unfindable and unavailable to Windows users worldwide.

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