Say ‘hi’ to award-winning writer Stuart Johnston

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

We’ve added to Windows Secrets a new full-time writer who’s dedicated to bringing you new insights into the challenges of running Microsoft software.

Stuart J. Johnston is a technology reporter who’s covered the motley crew that is the computer industry for more than 20 years — and you’ll now find his revelations in Windows Secrets every week.

Stuart has won more awards than I can shake a stick at. As the Northwest bureau chief for InfoWorld magazine starting in 1988, he broke stories such as the Microsoft/IBM “divorce.” In 1993, he won the Computer Press Association’s award for Best News Story for his coverage of Microsoft’s recall of MS-DOS 6.0 and its replacement with version 6.2.

Most recently, Stuart won a gold award from the Association of Business Press Editors for his article on the fire hazards of laptop batteries, which was published in the November 2006 issue of PC World magazine.

Stuart will continue to write each month the widely read “Bugs & Fixes” column in PC World, which he’s contributed to that magazine for the past eight years. Interestingly, he took over that feature from Scott Spanbauer, who now reviews programs in our Best Software column twice a month. (Scott alternates writing that column with Ian “Gizmo” Richards, our senior editor.)

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