Steal our links — no, really, we mean it

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

This week, we’ve made it easier for you to send your friends and associates links to all the topics we publish.

You can even send your buddies — who aren’t Windows Secrets subscribers at all — links to some of our paid content.

The last section of our e-mail newsletter is now called Permalinks. Every link in this section opens a browser window focusedon a different article. If you select a subtopic of an article, the browser scrolls down to that subtopic. (A copy of this week’s e-mail is posted on its own May 15, 2008, page.)

The Permalinks section was previously known as the Index. Links in the old Index section merely scrolled to the appropriate location within that week’s newsletter.

Our permalinks no longer scroll in that way. More of our readers wanted an easy way to link to the permanent location of an article or subtopic on the Web. To scroll down to an article, use the links in the Contents section of the e-mail newsletter.

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