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Tracey Capen

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? I spent part of mine resurrecting my significant other’s personal computer. It started when Katharine’s PC suddenly refused to boot. The system rapidly declined to a point where even Windows 7’s rescue tools couldn’t recover the system. Of course, she didn’t have backups. (Though I’ve covered PCs since their start, built numerous systems, and keep my data backed up, I’m not, to paraphrase, my SO’s PC-keeper.)

That is, I wasn’t until last weekend. After hours of recovering most of the data (including hundreds of family photos) off the dying hard drive; attempting to repair the drive; installing a new drive; reinstalling Windows, applications, and data; you can bet that I made multiple image backups on different media.

You can also bet that I went to the Windows Secrets site to refresh my memory on data-recovery techniques, partitioning tools, and doing a fresh Windows 7 install with a Windows Upgrade DVD.

That research was made a bit more difficult for a reason known to many Windows Secrets subscribers: we don’t have the most efficient search engine. (Yes, it’s on our to-do list.) But here’s a tip. Google, with a somewhat larger budget to spend on these things, has one of the most sophisticated search engines in the business. You can apply that advanced search technology to Windows Secrets by going to Google and formatting your searches this way: {search string}

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Tracey Capen

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