The Challenges of Change

Lisa Schmeiser

First, the big news: Due to unanticipated circumstances, this is the last LangaList Plus running in this newsletter for a while. Fred Langa will return to Windows Secrets when he’s able to — and here’s hoping that’s sooner rather than later. His writing combines two admirable and helpful traits in tech journalism: The ability to explain how something works and the ability to teach readers how to take charge of their own troubleshooting ventures.

We’ll be looking for substitute writers who can field user questions about their own misbehaving systems and take a crack at answering them. When we have someone, I’ll let you all know to whom you should be directing your questions.

Until I found out about Fred Langa’s unexpected leave of absence on Wednesday, my biggest news for you all was going to be the addition of Richard Hay to the Windows Secrets writers’ roster. Rich has been a Microsoft MVP since 2010, first as a Windows Operating System MVP, then for the Windows and Devices for IT category, and in July 2016, he was also named a Windows Insider MVP. He combines an inexhaustible enthusiasm for the operating system with a real love of hands-on demos and experiments, adds a longtime Microsoft-watcher’s institutional depth and alchemizes it all into approachable and informative writing that explains both what is happening in the world of Windows and why it matters. It is a pleasure to welcome him to Windows Secrets.

Rich’s first piece takes a look at a recent Microsoft employee interview advocating for Windows 7 users to upgrade, then examines why it might not be a bad idea to consider it if you’re still not on Windows 10. Upgrading operating systems is nothing if not challenging — we wouldn’t be in business if it were very easy, but we are here and our aim is to find the people who can rise to the challenges of assessing, implementing and troubleshooting the everyday chal

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