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The holiday season is almost here for most Windows Secrets subscribers. Many of us are busily making our lists of gifts for friends and family. For those recipients who use Windows, may we suggest one of our series of e-books — compendiums of Windows Secrets articles, organized into concise, easy-to-read, guides. On our e-book page, you’ll find such helpful offerings as a three-volume guide to using Windows 7 and a Windows XP Survival Guide.

Windows Utility Guide This week, we’ve released a new e-book — The Windows Utility Guide, Essential apps for every PC. This edition starts with our list of the 10 most useful utilities. We briefly describe their use, provide links to Windows Secrets articles they’re mentioned in, and list a few good alternatives.

Chapter 2 of The Windows Utility Guide covers tools that let you peek into Windows’ inner workings. These utilities help diagnose those difficult problems that sometimes afflict Windows. The final chapter reviews tools for maintaining and troubleshooting PC hard drives.

You can purchase the Windows Utility Guide at your Windows Secrets cart.

We hope these e-books will make your holiday shopping a little easier — and help friends and family have trouble-free Windows computing in 2013.

The Windows Secrets editors

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