Windows Secrets’ new Windows 7 e-book

Windows 7 guide volume 1 For longtime Windows XP users, moving to Windows 7 can be a challenge.

So we selected the best Windows 7 stories from the Windows Secrets newsletter and compiled them into an e-book that will help smooth the transition.

I made the move to Win7 when I received my new work notebook. Although Microsoft’s newest OS (Windows 8 is still about a year away) is a pleasure to use, switching operating systems was a bit like trading in my favorite 80s-vintage truck for a fancier and more powerful ’02 model — there were new controls to figure out, and some familiar ones worked just a bit differently. (Having used Win7 for a while, I do think its handling feels distinctly better.)

The first of a two–e-book series, The Windows 7 Guide, Volume 1 covers these three important topics:

  • Installing or upgrading to Windows 7
  • Optimizing your new Win7 setup for safety and ease of use
  • Getting up to speed, fast!
We have not yet set a publishing date for Volume 2, but you should see it within a month or two.

Our astute paid subscribers might point out that everything in The Windows 7 Guide is already available in our archives. But I think you’ll find having this useful information in one concise reference collection is easily worth the U.S. $9.95 cost. And for free subscribers, who don’t have access to our paid content, the e-book is a bargain.

Finally, a special thanks to Fred Langa for sorting through the archives and compiling these stories, several of which include his sage advice on getting the most from Windows 7.

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