Windows Secrets’ Windows 7 e-book, Volume 2

Windows 7 guide volume 2 Last month, we released our first Windows 7 e-book — The Windows 7 Guide, Volume 1 — a handy reference for anyone moving to Microsoft’s latest OS.

As promised, we’re now offering The Windows 7 Guide, Volume 2 — the final steps you’ll need to complete your Win7 setup. Like Volume 1, this edition brings together some of our most popular recent articles from the Windows Secrets archives.

Volume 1 of this two–e-book series covered the sometimes confusing task of installing, optimizing, and effectively using Windows 7. Volume 2 follows up with two equally important topics:

  • Tuning, tweaking, and troubleshooting Win7
  • Preserving your new Win7 setup and backing up your data

In Part 1, you’ll learn how to make Windows 7 play well in a mixed-OS network environment, how to understand the difference between HomeGroup and the classic networking setup, and how to make Win7 run faster. We also tell you about some of Win7’s less-known tools.

Part 2 gives you the tools and knowledge you need to never lose data again. We’ve all been there — losing a crucial document or that favorite, wacky photo of the family dog can ruin your whole day. Part 2 covers Win7’s extensive OS/data-backup system, shows you how to create a complete OS safety net, and how to recover quickly when disaster strikes.

No matter what your skill level, I think you’ll find that this concise guide saves you time and money — and hopefully relieves a good bit of the stress that always comes with moving to a new operating system.

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