Early adopter of Windows 7 shares his secrets

Dennis o'reilly By Dennis O’Reilly

For most Windows users, the transition to Windows 7 will be bump-free.

But even if the initial installation goes smoothly, you know there’ll be glitches — some big and some small.

There’s no teacher like experience. Fortunately, however, there’s also no reason we have to learn everything the hard way. You can avoid a few potholes by listening to one early Win7 adopter, Ed Kirkpatrick:

  • “We have been using the released-to-manufacturing version of Windows 7 Professional since it became available through our Microsoft TechNet account. You may have already learned these facts about Windows 7, but I haven’t seen them written up in any reviews yet.

    • 1. There’s no ‘Classic View’ of anything (no workaround available without third-party software).

    • 2. There’s no Quick Launch toolbar available (see below for a workaround we like even better).

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