More on getting your educational discount

By Scott Dunn

Reader responses poured in after last week’s article about the steep academic discounts available for Windows and other software.

Some readers felt that we took a U.S.-centric view. It’s true — educational pricing isn’t limited to the United States. This week, I’ll also tell you where to find some of these deals in the U.K.

Academic pricing outside the U.S.

Reader Jim Irving writes:
  • “As you have readers from many other countries, this article would be improved by making it clear that its contents only related to persons resident in the USA. This may be something that is taken for granted, but it would acknowledge the worldwide extent of your readership."
Good point! Academic discounts are harder to find in Canada and the United Kingdom. But, since the discounts originate with the manufacturer rather than the retailer, it’s sometimes possible to find these discounts in countries other than the U.S. For example, a search for the keywords Windows and academic at DealTime U.K. turns up a number of sites selling Vista Home Premium and XP Home Upgrade at prices in this range:

Windows XP Professional Upgrade: £57.07 with VAT — compared to £151.58 without academic pricing. (Prices from GenStar U.K..)

Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade: £53.33 with VAT — compared to £130.77 without academic pricing. (Prices from Pyramid Distribution Ltd.)

Other sites that sell the academic upgrade version of Vista Home Premium in the U.K. include Microwarehouse U.K. and Curiously, none of these sites mention requiring any academic qualifications (although I didn’t actually complete a purchase, so some such requirement may arise at the end of the process). Thanks to reader Terry Bernstein for helping us locate these resellers.

Other issues with educational discounts

Naturally, you don’t need to rely on online stores exclusively for academically discounted software. As reader Jim Phelps points out, many school bookstores sell these products at even better prices.

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