Netbook news on Windows 7 is hype, Woody finds

Dennis o'reilly By Dennis O’Reilly

This week, several tech news sources reported that Microsoft had lifted restrictions on which versions of Windows 7 could be installed on netbooks.

In fact, WS contributing editor Woody Leonhard reported months ago that no such restrictions were in place and that netbook makers could install any version of Win7.

On Sept. 25, TG Daily blogged that Microsoft would no longer restrict netbook OEMs to Win7’s weak “Starter Edition.”

That sounds like quite a scoop. But in his June 4 Top Story, Woody reported that MS would allow any version of Win7 to be installed (although OEMs would of course be charged more for higher versions).

Our esteemed contributing editor would like to set the blogosphere straight on the matter:

  • “Recent reports ping-ponging around the Web breathlessly claim that ‘Microsoft confirms no Windows 7 restrictions for netbooks.’ The gist of the claim is that netbook manufacturers will now be allowed to sell their wares with any version of Windows 7 preinstalled. Supposedly, big bad Microsoft has relented and won’t force Windows 7 Starter Edition on the netbook masses.

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