Outlook corrupts HTML to text for some readers

Dennis o'reilly By Dennis O’Reilly

If you’re unable to view the newsletter in HTML format, a fix is in the works.

We’ve received reports from a handful of readers that Microsoft Outlook has spontaneously converted our HTML content into an unreadable form of plain text, and we’re on the trail of a solution.

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We love hearing from readers, even when what they have to say is not particularly complimentary.

That was the case last week as we heard from several people who suddenly were unable to view the Windows Secrets newsletter in HTML format. For some reason, Microsoft Outlook displayed the file as plain text.

While you can view the newsletter properly formatted at WindowsSecrets.com, that’s a far cry from being able to read it in your e-mail program as intended. Jim Ollerhead’s e-mail was representative of the half-dozen or so comments we received from readers experiencing this problem.

  • “The last few editions of the newsletter have been plain text and very difficult to read. I have looked on the Web site but cannot find an option to rectify this. My Outlook setup resolves HTML from other senders with no problem, so I don’t think it’s the config of my Outlook settings.

    “Do you have any suggestions?”

While the problem has affected only a small number of subscribers, it is a matter we take very seriously. Our crack IT team — comprising Tony Johnston and Damian Wadley — is working on a solution.

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