Positive reviews for Norton raise readers’ ire

By Scott Dunn

I wrote on Jan. 24 that Norton Internet Security 2008, a Symantec product, now has the greatest number of Editors’ Choice awards of any security suite, and therefore has replaced the ZoneAlarm suite in the WSN Security Baseline.

This story touched a nerve for a significant number of readers, who have had bad experiences with Symantec and its products in the past.

Some readers revolt against Symantec products

After the story was published, many readers wrote in to voice their criticism of Symantec software. Many, who say they’re disappointed with Symantec’s customer service and technical support, asked that we consider these factors in making our choices.

Unfortunately, Windows Secrets does not have its own test lab to scrutinize antivirus and firewall solutions, and we also don’t have the resources to conduct surveys on customer support. Instead, we analyze the test results of respected labs and let you know which products have received top ratings from the greatest number of reviewers. We publish the WSN Security Baseline as a way for individual and small-business PC users to see at a glance the minimum they need to protect their systems from hackers.

Whatever problems Symantec software has had in the past, the situation is that two major publishers, PC Magazine and PC World, have given their top awards to the latest version of Norton Internet Security. No competing product currently holds more than one Editors’ Choice award from major test labs. We felt it was important to pass that information on to you.

Having said that, one of our best sources of information is your e-mail messages, which form the basis of this week’s top story on problems with Symantec uninstaller programs. I promise to continue to investigate stories that you propose in the tips you send in.

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