Problems confirmed with Vista Service Pack 2

Dennis o'reilly By Dennis O’Reilly

Some early adopters have encountered installation glitches and software conflicts when attempting to apply Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista.

As with nearly all service packs, there’s no rush to install Vista SP2 — and when you do apply it, be ready with a full system backup, just in case.

In the May 28 Patch Watch column (paid content), Susan Bradley recommended that you hold off on installing Vista SP2. Microsoft hasn’t yet begun to push out the service pack via its Automatic Updates service, but some people who chose to apply SP2 now wish they’d waited. Among them is Ted Myers:

  • “I have a 64-bit Sony Vaio with Vista Home Premium. I have it up-to-date with all patches. (I do have the Genuine tool installed, which has not caused problems to date.) Vista Service Pack 2 was downloaded and installed.

    “Perhaps the problem was due to an AV program still running — or something else — but after the PC rebooted and began loading replacement files in DOS, it got hung up on 5367 of 81,000+ files. This happened repeatedly. My PC would no longer boot. It attempted the update several times, hanging up on the same file. This was a file involved with AMD security, which is strange since I have an Intel-based system.

    “I was finally able to run a low-level System Restore, and System Restore did indeed do what it was supposed to do. A PC novice would be totally lost going through the hoops I went through to restore my system. Today I will make an up-to-date ghost copy of my hard drive — my backup is a few months old. I run a part-time business on this PC. My backup of my business record was a month old — what a mistake that was! It’s now up-to-date as well.

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