Problems with Windows XP SP3 persist

Dennis o'reilly By Dennis O’Reilly

If you’re still on the fence about XP’s Service Pack 3, best to stay there for a while.

We continue to hear from readers whose PCs choke on the update, and for very different reasons.

XP SP3 should ship with two aspirins

I’m sure Microsoft made every effort to ensure that the distribution of Windows XP Service Pack 3 would go smoothly. Unfortunately, the company’s efforts didn’t keep some Windows Secrets readers out of the update muck.

One of the many people who shared their SP3 pain with us was Almer Procyshyn, who was seeing the Internet Explorer customization screen every time he started IE 7:

  • “Recently, like many others I have noticed, I experienced problems with my laptop after SP3 was installed, one being the RunOnce setting for IE 7. Many forums suggest modifying the Registry, but the simple most effective solution is:

    Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Reset (under Reset Internet Explorer settings), OK.

    “This allows you to [reset your] RunOnce settings. Simple, and it works.”

If only all SP3 glitches were so easy to resolve. Note that this workaround changes all IE 7 settings back to their default values, which may not be what you want. To fix the problem with a specific change to the Registry or using local security policy, see an explanation at Online Tech Tips.

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