Readers offer more ways to enhance Windows 7

Dennis o'reilly By Dennis O’Reilly

Like pouring hot fudge onto vanilla ice cream, there’s nothing like making a good thing better.

Even with near-universal positive reviews, Windows 7 could still stand some improvements — and Windows Secrets readers know just how to enhance the new OS.

Sure, some hardware vendors have been slow to provide Win7 device drivers for some of their products. And some people attempting to upgrade to Windows 7 are greeted with blue screens and infinite loops. But most Windows 7 users wouldn’t think of reverting to their previous OS.

That doesn’t mean they haven’t found ways to make using Windows 7 even better. For example, Cris DeRaud discovered a script that lets you create a Win7 restore point with a single click:

  • “I found today that creating a restore point in Windows 7 takes on a new twist and requires knowledge of the proper paths and security settings. When my computer is running really sweet, I’ll add restore points of my own. I name them ‘smooth sailing.’

    “Well, I ran into a snag today trying to make a restore point the Vista way because the option link is all changed in Windows 7. I found an easy alternative from a group of Windows 7 lovers who spell out all the options [on the Windows Seven Forums site].

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