Readers suggest ways to improve OpenDNS

Dennis o'reilly By Dennis O’Reilly

Becky Waring’s July 9 Top Story provided tips for avoiding problems when using the free OpenDNS service to browse more securely.

Several people responded to Becky’s story by suggesting ways that the service could be made even better.

There’s plenty to like about the free OpenDNS service, which passes all your incoming and outgoing Web traffic through the service’s secure servers. In addition to blocking known malware-bearing sites, OpenDNS can filter out all sorts of undesirable content and perform other browser-enhancing feats of derring-do.

But there are few good things in this world that couldn’t be made a little better. Among the readers suggesting ways to improve OpenDNS was Charles M. Brown III:

  • “One of the features that is lacking in OpenDNS, which has had over 1,000 requests, is a blocking schedule. Even though I let my kids play Runescape, I don’t want them to play all the time. I would really like a scheduler added to this product and it would then be a great product, not just a good product.”
For those who are considering using the OpenDNS service, Becky’s article described how to compare the speed of OpenDNS to your ISP’s DNS servers.

Reader Bryan Doviack found a free tool that makes it easy to do side-by-side performance comparisons of OpenDNS and your ISP. The utility, by Charles Putney, is called DNS Tester and is available from

To download the tool, you must first create an account with CodeProject, which entails providing your name and a valid e-mail address.

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