All Your OE5 Problems Solved?

In the last issue, I wrote about "Awesome Free Resource For Solving OE5 Problems." (See ). Well, two readers sent in mails that arrived within seconds of each other— and they just may have one-upped me <g>:

Reading your item about Outlook Express information in today’s newsletter reminded me that also contains a wealth of information about OE5.—Bob Coleman

I am a regular subscriber of your Langa List. I find the same quite interesting and informative…. I just read about the OE tips from the Langalist dated 18th Jan. In this connection, I would suggest that you visit Tom Koch’s site at, which is a truly magnificent effort specifically relating to OE and many tips and tricks. He has also got other interesting links. Tom’s site has saved many a skin and he regularly contributes to the Lockergnome newsgroups with his suggestions and ideas. Mention Tom’s site and let your readers crash his webserver, if possible. Regards for a great newsletter, which I look forward to receiving.— N Ramasubramaniam

I hadn’t seen http:// before, and indeed, it is a very rich resource. Check it out!


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