Fred, I upgraded the bios in the wife’s machine. Lo and behold, there is a new parameter APIC OR PIC. I’ll save the horror I encountered by seeing the NIC occupying IRQ19 (yup, 19, not a typo) and the sound card on IRQ 18.

I didn’t start building computers yesterday, nor even last month, but I never saw APIC, OR PIC and I have only known Interrupt Vectors to range from 0 to 15.

Since I don’t smoke anything illegal, I am wondering if Bill Gates Crew has done something to windows2000 that wasn’t clearly covered when I did my research on migrating from an MSDN version of WIN98SE…. any Ideas? Best wishes, Bruce Apple

It’s not Microsoft; it’s actually a hardware thing, started by IBM and Intel.

Ready for some alphabet soup? PIC is "Programmable Interrupt Controller;" APIC is "Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller."

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