Backups For 30 Cents Per Gig!

Hi Fred, I am getting concerned that the data accumulated on my PC may be at risk if I don’t find a way to back it up. If I’m not mistaken, most of your advice re backups assumes that a user has a built-in ZIP or CD-R drive.

What advice can you offer someone like myself who doesn’t have these backup drives and who only has access to a 1.4 MB floppy drive as a backup tool. Is it possible to rent an external backup system or should I simply invest in the purchase of a CD-R drive?

Perhaps there are other readers out there who share my situation and could also benefit from your suggestions. Sincerely, Greg Rajewski (a very satisfied Plus! reader)

A lot of users hesitate about backups because they assume they’ll need to invest hundreds of dollars to set something up. In reality, backups are much, much  cheaper than most people think. (Mine cost me 20 cents a day.)

But before we get to the costs, ask yourself one question, as a  very simple, informal cost/benefit analysis:

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