Command Line & Batch Options In XP

While trying to create a batch file which redirected all output from its commands to a log file, I needed to redirect both standard and error output to the same file. I couldn’t remember how to do it, and was searching the web for help. All the while, I was muttering to myself about Windows XP not having decent help with command-line stuff. I happened to come up on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on Microsoft’s site which mentioned that there *is* a help file in Windows XP for command-line stuff.

BTW, I have XP Pro – I don’t know if this file, or many of the commands it documents, is available to XP Home users. You can open the file from a command prompt thus:
hh ntcmds.chm

This command reference contains an absolute goldmine of information on XP’s very rich collection of command-line utilities.

For example, here’s one I’ll bet not many people know about

fsutil hardlink create <new filename> <existing filename>

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