Delete Even Stubborn Partitions

Our recent discussion on "Wiping Out Special Recovery Partitions" (see items #1 and #2 in ) prompted this interesting tidbit:

There are some proprietary partitions that FDisk won’t touch (an old Compaq I had comes to mind). For those, the best partition removal tool I’ve used is Delpart. It s a DOS based tool that will delete any partition that I’ve ever tried. It’s not readily available but I did find it at Kansas State University’s site . Big caution with this one, it’ll even delete BIOS type partitions. — Dennis

Thanks, Dennis. Yes, caution is the watchword with any tool like this. That’s why it’s so important to make a total drive backup first, before you do any kind of significant work on your system. With good backups, you can tweak without worry (because you always can get back to where you were before). Without a backup, one mistake, and you’re toast!


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