Free Downloads From Microsoft’s Research Division

Dear Fred, As happens so often, many good sites and downloads are found by luck, or perhaps serendipity.  has some nice free downloads. Many are very difficult technically and I won’t even pretend to understand what they are about..  But one stands out as useful to many of your readers.This is quote from site:

"We have a simple travelogue-authoring tool that you can download. It will allow you to create your own online travelogue out of photos, text, and optional GPS tracks. You just add the items — the tool puts together a web page with a map (with or without your travel path) and photos linked to their locations on the map. Go to the Download page and go straight to Steps 3 and 4!  contains both download and a demo.

Thank you so much for all I have learned and enjoyed from your website. Sincerely, Larry K.

Thanks, Larry. Sometimes, technologies that eventually end up in Microsoft’s operating systems and applications make their first appearance, for free, on the research site. Microsoft’s text-to-speech technology traveled that route, for example: First, it was a research tool, and now it’s a feature built into XP. The site doesn’t change very often, but it’s worth checking every couple months. You never know what you might find!


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