“Inverse Network Technology” / “Visual Networks”

Fred, I remember somewhere in one of your newsletters (I am a Plus member) about modem dialing out problems or programs hidden in the system that will do this without authorization.  A friend has a system with Win98 SE and has been woken up in the wee hours by his computer dialing out.  He hesitates to turn off the computer but has begun to unplug the telephone line while away or at night.  I believe we have tracked the problem to a program called "Canon Creative 3" and the message on the screen shows "Inverse Network Technology" when the dialing is taking place.  I cannot seem to find a way to remove this dial-up program without deleting the whole program.  Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. —William Gibson

"Inverse Network Technology" is one of those things that *could* (potentially) be nasty, but most often isn’t intentionally so. It’s from a company that changed its name to Visual Networks; their stuff is explained here: http://www.visualnetworks.com/ The software is used— with benign intent, as far as I can tell— by ISPs, software makers, and others.

The Canon-specific install is discussed here: http://tinyurl.com/44u58 If you uninstall the Canon "AccessWizard" via the Add/Remove software applet in Control Panel, the Inverse/Visual activity should stop.

See also "Long-Distance Fixes" ( http://langa.com/newsletters/2005/2005-01-20.htm#2 ) for ways to block a specific piece of software; and on keeping a PC generally spyware-free.


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