More Explorer Shortcut Tricks

We’ve covered this topic a bit in recent issues, but it’s worth one more iteration because (judging by the email I’m getting) some readers are confused between "Explorer" and "Internet Explorer." It’s understandable, as Microsoft has blurred the line between its folder/file viewer and its browser:

The Windows folder/file viewer (what used to be called "File Manager" in older versions of Windows) is called "Explorer" or "Windows Explorer;" the web browser is called "Internet Explorer."

The naming isconfusing enough, but it gets even funkier because they share some features and functions, and can encroach on the other’s turf: For example, Explorer normally views local files and folders, but also can access and display pages on the web. Conversely, Internet Explorer is mainly intended to view web pages, but also can and will display local folder and files on your system, if you ask it to.

Despite these overlapping functions and features, for clarity, we’ll continue to refer to the tool whose primary job is to display files and folders as "Explorer," and the tool whose primary job is to view web pages as "Internet Explorer."

That said, there are many ways to make Explorer open up to a predefined view with just one click. We’ve covered several in recent issues ( and item #12 in ); here’s another:

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