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Fred: Love your newsletter! My wife’s new computer is running XP pro and we have taken your advice and her account is not an admin account. When she uses our dialup, there is no icon in the system tray to use to disconnect and if you right click on the appropriate dialup connection, status (where the disconnect button is) is grayed out.

Thus far I have found no work around without admin privileges. As a matter of fact, my current work around is to unplug the telephone wire when we are done :) Any suggestions?  —Dave Cunningham

Hmmm. I’ve played around with this a bit, and it appears the system tray notification icon must be turned on in the Admin account first (this setting seems to override the lesser-privileged user accounts). But once the icon is set in the in the admin account, it then can be activated and controlled from within the other accounts, at least on my test system here.

Try this: Right click "My Network Places," select Properties, right click the connection you wish to monitor in the system tray, and on the General tab, click the "show icon in notification area when connected" box.

Once the icon appears down by the clock, you can right click on it and use the context menu to enable, disable, and otherwise work with the connection.


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