Resources Still Leaking Away

Good morning; When online, I run multiple chatrooms and forums as well as stock trading software. As the day progresses I receive LOW RESOURCE warnings and eventually my system locks up which leads to a reboot. Is this a symptom of my ram leaking memory as the day goes on? I am running ME with 512M RAM.

Can you recommend any software that could alleviate this problem? (possibly a freeware download). Thanks, Steven

Resource "leaks" are caused by bad programming— software that reserves system resources (portions of RAM, etc) for itself, but doesn’t properly give the resource back later: Over time, more and more system resources are marked as "in use" even if they really aren’t; and the system can get confused when it needs more available resources than it has— or thinks it has.

The problem is usually minor in WinNT/2K/XP because system resources are basically the same as all the RAM (real and virtual) on your system. But Win98 and ME have severely limited amounts of "system resources" that have nothing whatsoever to do with how much RAM you have. On Win98 and ME, you could even have infinite RAM, and still run out of "system resources." It’s an architectural limitation.

For full info, and workarounds, see and

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