Script Errors Block Web Sites

Hello Fred. Can you help me? How can I get rid of the pop-up "Internet Explorer Script Error"? This will not let me read some web pages no matter how hard I try. It just keeps coming back every time I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or try to delete (x) it. Thanks, —Fran

One reason you’re likely to get this message is if Internet Explorer files are corrupted or damaged in a way that prevents the browser from successfully running a JavaScript, JScript, VisualBasic script or some other kind of script.

Another reason is that the scripting on the web page— the actual code used by the page author— may be bad.

The band-aid fix, which makes the symptoms of both the above go away is to disable script-error messages. Choose Options from the Tools menu and click on the Advanced tab. In the Settings area, deselect the items that begin with "Disable script debugging."

If the problem’s on the web site itself, the only real solution is for the webmaster or page author to fix it; it’s not something you can do from your end.

But if the problem is that your scripting software is broken, then you can uninstall Internet Explorer and install the most recent version. (Download it here: )

If that doesn’t work, try each of Microsoft’s many troubleshooting tips:


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