Son of PUKA!

If the word "puka" doesn’t mean anything to you, or if it only conjures images of Polynesian seashells, then read on:

I really enjoy just about all of the info that I get from you and thanks for it. I must have been one of the first to subscribe to your new list… I have had a pentium3-450, 128 meg, win98se, for 18 months. About 6 months ago, the system started trying to access drive A on random basis. It is not regular and I cannot determine what program tries to access it. The store mentioned that it may be a pif file with an A drive reference. After exam, it was not the case. I am lost and it is getting on my nerves. Do you have a suggestion ? — Marc Gaudreau

Oh, boy, do we have suggestions, Marc. <g> Long-time readers may remember the great onomatopoetic "PUKA PUKA PUKA" discussions, and the eventual spin-off  "PUKA Lives." If you’ve EVER been bothered by random floppy drive accesses, check it all out at: 

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