Still Another Code-Load Success

After his site was listed in the "Load The Code" section, code-loader Courtney Harrington wrote:

Fred – I just wanted to thank you for putting my site ( ) in They Loaded the Code. More than 7,000 new visitors came through the door in a 3 day period. For small, boutique operations like ours, this is godsend to introduce ourselves to the world at large. We spent a lot of time on the site, putting in audio restoration information that we hope is helpful to people who want to do it themselves. There’s a great feeling to look at the logs and see how many stuck around to read over the material we prepared. As a long-time Plus subscriber and fan of your work, our deepest appreciation for sharing your readers with those of us that Load the Code! Aloha from Hawaii, Courtney Harrington

Do you have a home page or website? (It doesn’t matter what size.) Please click over to , and maybe you can join the thousands of LangaList readers who have "Loaded the Code!" (If you’ve already "Loaded The Code" and are wondering if your site will appear here or on the Langa.Com web site, please see )

Speaking of which: Here’s another eclectic sample of readersites— some professional, some very personal:

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