Stuck Laptop Keys

Hi Fred, The reader comment about "washing" computer parts reminded me of something I’d like to correct, but don’t know how: I have an old company laptop that I often take home with me. It’s not really needed by anyone, so keeping it in perfect working order isn’t a priority, but it WAS in working order… until one day my 4-year-old spilled cranberry juice on it! I powered it down and let it dry out, and it still works, but the power button is really sticky now, and a few of the keys on the keyboard are sticky too. I wish I could put the whole THING in a dishwasher to clean it up, but I think that might turn out to be an unwise choice! Will I have to disassemble the whole machine to clean those things up, or is there a magic trick I can perform to un-stick my stickeys? Michael Jones

If you’re in a "nothing to lose" scenario, here’s what I’d suggest:

Make a full backup, as best you can.

Remove all batteries from the system, including the coin-type CMOS/clock battery, if you can get at it. Put the covers back on, leaving the batteries removed.

Buy a jug of distilled water and a new (or very thoroughly cleaned) pump-grip spray bottle. Fill the sprayer with distilled water.

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