“The Ultimate CD/DVD Data Recovery Tool”

Reader George Davis found an interesting tool with several uses— including digging files off CDs you might not otherwise be able to read!

Hi Fred, All of this talk of backups made me wonder why I’d never seen a mention of this tool. Maybe I’d just missed it, so I searched my updated LL Archives, and it didn’t come up there either.

Background: I suspected my old Win95 machine was getting ready to die, so I made plenty of backups, right onto CD-RWs (so easy to drag-n-drop, dontcha know?). I admit it I don’t know much about CDs, they’re just big backup media, with lots of quirks compared to floppies and Zip Disks. So, here I am safe in the knowledge that I have plenty of backups.

I also had some regular CD-Rs, but 1 out of 2 turned out bad, still don’t know why (I suspect software/hardware conflicts w/ that old machine).

So I get me a fancy-schmancy new WinXP system…. And you guessed it— that new computer doesn’t read UDF-whatever CD-RWs. On a chance, I went googling, and stumbled upon IsoBuster. Pure serendipity.

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