“The Ultimate Freeware Dial Up Enhancer?”

Reader John Woolford writes:

Only having a mere 64MB RAM on my internet connected PC, I’ve spent over 12 months looking for an application which would automatically load up my Firewall, WebWasher, Download Manager and Telephone Cost Monitor when I connected to the internet, and then when my browser disconnected – automatically shut them all down.

I’ve tried both NetRunner and NetLaunch, but neither application did the job properly, they’d load – but not close things down properly, but at last I’ve found something that can do it 100% + it’s FREE! I think that this utility – TICK v1.05 has to be the ultimate freeware dial up enhancer for Win95/98/NT4/2000/XP and Me.

Not only does it do the launch/shutdown I wanted, but it can also log all dial up networking calls including length, cost of call and the amount of data transferred. PLUS It also has POP3 mail checker, finger, ping, web notify tools, popup digital display, password database, IP Address finder, auto disconnect, call log, call statistics. It even has context sensitive help.

You can download it from – http://software.reallyeffective.co.uk/tick_index.html

By the way – I’m not a salesman or PR person, just an ordinary 56k dial-up user who appreciates good freeware. I have absolutely no connection whatever with Really Effective Software who are the authors, but was so impressed with how well it works that I had to send this.

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