Use Qfecheck/Qfechkup To Verify Installed Patches

Hi Fred! Devoted PLUS subscriber here and continue to thoroughly enjoy each issue. I am wondering if describing Qfecheck.exe for Windows 9X would benefit your readers in anyway. How does one go about using the information to ensure all patches found are activated properly? Is there a similar check for newer Microsoft operating systems? Thanks for providing us with interesting content and educational topics.—CuPNCaucer

Qfecheck/Qfechkup is kinda geeky, but useful: It "enumerates all of the installed fixes by Microsoft Knowledge Base article number. Customers can then confirm that they have installed the appropriate set of fixes before using a valuable support incident and potentially experiencing unplanned down time…"

In other words, it shows you what major "hotfix" patches are already on your system, and can help you avoid the kind of head-scratching that can happen when you see a patch or update but don’t know if you’ve already installed it or not: Just run Qfecheck/Qfecheck, and you’ll know, for sure.

Windows 2000 and Windows XP (Qfechkup):;en-us;q282784

Windows 95 (Qfecheck; the same basic tool also is found in Win98/ME installations);en-us;q145990

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