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Kathleen Atkins

When Lounge member HowardC posted a question about page numbering in the Word Processing forum, it took a couple of rounds before his advisors understood what he was trying to accomplish.

Part of the confusion came from HowardC’s attempts to impose custom formatting on his document.

Word typically follows the book-publishing practice of assigning “1” to the first right-hand page of the first spread in a section (the recto page, which is followed on the overleaf by the verso page). HowardC wanted to number every column (two columns to a page) consecutively. If you want to learn how to flout conventions in Word, this is a good place to begin. More.

The following links are this week’s most interesting Lounge threads, including several new questions that you may be able to provide responses to:

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Software Development
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Hardware Foiled by a screw! *
Graphics/Multimedia Video-card model differences
Other Applications Good, free Hash Tab program *

* starred posts: particularly useful

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