Good stuff is being posted in the Lounge

By Brian Livingston

More than 33,000 new members have signed up to use the Lounge discussion board since it moved to our domain name last November, and they and the 20,000 existing Loungers have been posting a flurry of useful tips.

Beginning this week, our newsletter’s new “Lounge Life” column will highlight the best new topics and the most-interesting questions posted.

As I announced in my Dec. 15, 2009, Top Story, the former Woody’s Lounge, founded in 1995 by our senior editor Woody Leonhard, merged with and was renamed the WS Lounge. The board’s many forums offer a wealth of 700,000 comments — going back nine years — on a wide variety of technology subjects. But the old site had been experiencing problems with an overloaded server and antiquated software.

After we upgraded the server and revealed the existence of the Lounge to our newsletter subscribers, the discussion board quickly reached new heights of activity. At one point, more than 1,750 visitors were online at the same moment. Prior to December 2009, the maximum number online simultaneously had been 73.

Since that time, the WS developers have tweaked the server so it can handle even more than our last peak. With the knowledge that the server can handle surges of demand, the newsletter will now feature each week the best topics and questions posted in the Lounge, without fear that we’ll overload the site.

The most-useful new threads posted by members

With 2,000 or so new posts being submitted each week, choosing the “best” is a thankless job. But let’s check out a few that the WS editors and I think are good candidates:

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