Loungers help move old data to a new disk

By Tracey Capen

Technology can be great, but when you’re trying to upgrade a PC, incompatible hardware can be a pain.

Moving data from an older drive to a newer one gave members of the Windows Secrets Lounge an opportunity to provide helpful information, as shown in the first of the following most-active threads this week:

  • Copying an entire ATA drive to a SATA drive

    Lounge member Mike McKinney wanted to upgrade a computer to a larger hard drive. The catch is, the new drive is SATA but the computer has only an ATA connector. Although he had the hardware component figured out, transferring the files was stumping him. Fortunately, several other Loungers contributed good suggestions. More»

  • Username remembered: hacking Firefox

    Worrying about malicious keyloggers grabbing passwords off his PC, Scott V asked about turning off Firefox’s autofill function. He received several on-target replies from fellow Loungers, including advice to check his security settings. More»

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