Loungers thinking about upgrades and apps

By Tracey Capen

This week’s sampling of interesting Lounge posts includes everything from organizers to nitty-gritty Web programming.

Thanks to the collective mind of Windows Secrets Lounge members, many of these problems find solutions. In some cases, just getting pointed in the right direction is enough.

  • Unwanted address book updating in Thunderbird 3

    Sometimes our computers have more automation than we want. Lounger K32rem wants Mozilla’s Thunderbird 3 to stop automatically adding incoming e-mail addresses to her address book. It’s easy to imagine how that could clutter your contact list in short order. But RussB came up with an answer that’s concise and easy to follow. More»

  • Working with OCR in OneNote 2007

    Diannne18 likes to stay organized with Microsoft’s OneNote organizer. She discovered it has OCR capabilities but couldn’t get OCR to work. Numerous fellow Loungers have offered tips and advice. OneNote users: you’re welcome to add your experiences to the discussion. More»

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