Quick and flawless upgrade or a different kind?

Kathleen Atkins

Lounge member Drew1903 began a jaunty new thread this week in the Windows 10 forum, reporting his good experience upgrading from Win8.1 to Windows 10.

And he was pretty certain he wasn’t alone in happy circumstances; he said that he’d heard “there were 63 million upgrades in 72 hours, averaging 250 installs per second — 14 million on the first day.”

Still, you don’t have to leave this thread to read about different Win10 upgrade experiences. The Windows 10 forum in general is a busy Internet destination with a lot of Windows 10 conversations going on. You ought to drop in.

The following links are this week’s most interesting Lounge threads, including several new questions for which you might have answers:

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Spreadsheets Excel dates to Outlook reminder *
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Microsoft Outlook Outlook 2007 can’t send on Comcast (worked fine on Verizon)
Non-Outlook E-mail How to get free AOL email account closed out without being able to sign in?
Other MS Apps Windows 10 OneNote iteration
General Windows Errors found by SFC *
Windows 10 Quick and flawless upgrade *
Windows 8 HDD locked?
Windows 7 Today’s the day; has anyone updated?
Windows XP Microsoft.netframework with Just in Time (JIT) debugging *
Internet Explorer and Edge Edge
Third-Party Browsers Can’t turn off Google SafeSearch
Networking Limited Internet connection *
Software Development
Windows Programming Toggle USB storage on/off
Web Design & Development Website being hacked?
Other Technologies
Security & Scams Nearly caught in scam
Maintenance Macrium versus Acronis *
Hardware TV not working on DVI output
Graphics/Multimedia Is Microsoft PhotoDraw v3.1.0.1811 real?
Other Applications Any software to partially change case of file/folder name?

* starred posts: particularly useful

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